Our Rules

  • 2. Minimum 2 Slots (Slot ratio of 1 slot per 10 hubs)
  • 3. Dont Share Snuff, Rape, Animal, Child, Preteen Or Other Sick Porn! (less then 18 Years of age)
  • 4. Dont Share Windows, Installed, Incomplete or VOB Files! (Basically if someone else wouldn't want it dont share it)
  • 5. Dont Flood the Main Chat or Advertise for Hubs!! (Dont even advertise for our hub in other hubs!!)
  • 6. Dont Spam links or web addresses in main or PM as te bot will kick you. (Sorry this is for everyones protection)
  • 7. Make Certain That Its Possible For Other To Download Your File List. (Always allow OPs to check your list) and ensure that you have minislots open for small files.
  • 8. Stay In The Hub While You Are Downloading AND SHARE!!
  • 9. Don't beg for slots. Expecially from an OP!!! WAIT YOUR TURN AND STAY CONNECTED.
  • 10.Don't beg to be an OP. If u want to be an OP, then patience is a good quality to have....
  • 11.Do NOT ask for redirects.
  • 12.NO FIGHTING!!! Have a good time......And don't forget to go outside once in a while.....!!!!

This hub and the operators does not condone the sharing or the distribution of copyrighted or trademarked material, sensitive or protected documents PERIOD. By connecting and staying in this hub you are agreeing to be responsible for what is in your share and the information you upload or download to and from others. This hub and the Network can not be held liable for the actions of every user that connects to this hub. Hub also does not tollerated any actions resulting in a Denial of Service. If you talk about it in this network you will be BANNED! USERS NOT FOLLOWING THESE RULES WILL BE KICKED AND THEIR IP WILL BE BANNED!!! *BY*STAYING*CONNECTED*TO*THE*HUB*THEN*YOU*AGREE*TO*THE*RULES*LISTED*ABOVE*