Standard tags

List of standard BBCode tags available for use on this website.


[code]your code here[/code]

your code here

[code=filename]file code here[/code]

file code here

[code="your caption"]another code here[/code]

your caption
another code here


[quote]your quote here[/quote]

your quote here

[quote=username]user quote here[/quote]

user quote here

[quote="found elsewhere"]another quote here[/quote]

found elsewhere
another quote here



[url=]another test[/url]

another test

[url=" page/"]some page on[/url]

some page on



[img=]image title[/img]

[img="/images/back.png"]local image title[/img]


[left]left aligned text[/left]

left aligned text


[center]centered text[/center]

centered text

[right]right aligned text[/right]

right aligned text


[b]bold text[/b]

bold text


[u]underline text[/u]

underline text


[i]italic text[/i]

italic text


[color=#ff0000]red colored text[/color]

red colored text

[color="blue"]blue colored text[/color]

blue colored text


[size=30px]text of size 30 pixels[/size]

text of size 30 pixels

[size="small"]text of small size[/size]

text of small size


[li]unordered list item a[/li]
[li]item b[/li]


[li]ordered list item a[/li]
[li]item b[/li]

  1. ordered list item a
  2. item b


[notag][color=#ff0000]red colored text[/color][/notag]

[color=#ff0000]red colored text[/color]

Special tags

These BBCode tags are specific to this website only, you might not have seen them before.




[local=/?do=network]local url to network hubs[/local]

local url to network hubs

[local="/?do=work&id=advor"]advanced onion router[/local]

advanced onion router


[local=#anchor_a]link to anchor a on this page[/local]

link to anchor a on this page

[anchor=anchor_b]anchor b[/anchor]
[local="/?do=about&action=bbcode#anchor_b"]local link to anchor b[/local]

anchor b
local link to anchor b

[anchor="anchor_c"]anchor c[/anchor]
[url=""]remote link to anchor c[/url]

anchor c
remote link to anchor c



[imagebox=]image title[/imagebox]

[imagebox="/images/back.png"]local image title[/imagebox]


[box]simple unwrapped box for very very .. very very long text lines[/box]

simple unwrapped box for very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long text lines


[pre]preformatted text[/pre]

preformatted text


[oline]text with overline[/oline]

text with over line


[tline]text with through line[/tline]

text with through line




[wiki=en/Test]another test[/wiki]

another test

[wiki="en/Wikipedia"]about wikipedia[/wiki]

about wikipedia



[]test email[/email]

test email

[email=""]another test email[/email]

another test email


[file=advor/4]file information with id 4 in category advor[/file]

file information with id 4 in category advor

[file="advor/5"]file information[/file]

file information


[get=advor/4]direct download file with id 4 in category advor[/get]

direct download file with id 4 in category advor

[get="advor/5"]direct download[/get]

direct download

[head]page headline[/head]
page text

page headline

page text


[td]item a[/td]
[td]item b[/td]
[td]item c[/td]
[td]item aa[/td]
[td]item bb[/td]
[td]item cc[/td]

item a item b item c
item aa item bb item cc

[th]header a[/th]
[th=left]left header b[/th]
[th=center]center header c[/th]
[th=right]right header c[/th]
[td]item a[/td]
[td=left]left item b[/td]
[td=center]center item c[/td]
[td=right]right item d[/td]
[td]item aa[/td]
[td=left]left item bb[/td]
[td=center]center item cc[/td]
[td=right]right item dd[/td]

header a left header b center header c right header c
item a left item b center item c right item d
item aa left item bb center item cc right item dd


Your IP: [ip]

Your IP:

Country code and name tags

Your country: [cc]=[cn]

Your country: US=United States

Current date tags

[year]-[month]-[day] [hour]:[minute]:[second]

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